Emusoi Centre

Girls' education is very close to our hearts. We look for individuals who can personally support the Maasai girls studying at the Emusoi Centre. We collect clothes and other items the girls can use on an everyday basis. We help them become independent and find their own path in life. We bring in volunteers who are interested in teaching and helping the girls.
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Everybody has the right to education — flag project

In order to deliver the message about everyone's right to education to as many people as possible, the Ladies' Trekking Club started a flag project in which everyone who cannot or does not wish to go to Kilimanjaro can sign up in support of the project. The first flag featured 10,113 names and arrived on top of Mount Kilimanjaro on 8 March 2014 (International Women's Day). It was then ...
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Secondary education for 10 Maasai girls

While we were putting together Dreamers & Doers in 2013 we chose 10 Maasai girls we would support in the long term. Maasai fathers marry their daughters off at the age of 13-15. We do not wish to change their culture or traditions, but if girls want to receive an education before they get married they should have the opportunity to do so. The girls studied at the MWEDO boarding school for Maas...
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Tanzanian textbook project

There are hundreds of schools in Tanzania where the students have to study from a single textbook that belongs to the teacher. Schools do not have the means to buy textbooks that children can use in class. As such, we can only hope that the students remember the things the teacher reads out or writes on the blackboard. When Dreamers & Doers was being compiled we raised $7000 to buy textbook...
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The Dreamers & Doers book project

From 2011-2013 the Ladies' Trekking Club and Impatiens Kilimanjari Foundation compiled a book called Dreamers & Doers. Over 50 women from 30 countries wrote their life stories for the project. The women who told the stories have one thing in common: they have all taken a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro. Every author has had an inner ‘mountain’ to climb and a peak or goal to reach....
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Providing the Msafiri English Medium Primary School with textbooks

Providing the Msafiri English Medium Primary School with textbooks

In 2009 Janika Vaikjärv founded the Ladies' Trekking Club, which has evolved into an international trekking club that brings together thousands of women. The Impatiens Kilimanjari Foundation used to be a charity organisation which was run by the women who belong to the club. Ladies' Trekking Club began to organise trips to Kilimanjaro for women while raising money and supporting th...
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I. You. I — a book and film for Estonian students

The NPO Impatiens Kilimanjari is registered in Estonia. The foundation was initially called ‘Simple Solutions’ (Lihtsad Lahendused in Estonian) and its first charity project was aimed at Estonian students. We compiled a book and made a film that were both named ‘I. You. I’ as our first project in 2004. We were able to publish the book with the support of donors, sponsors...
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