Our story

Impatiens Kilimanjari believes that every child is entitled to high-quality education in a safe environment and a life as an independent adult.

Around the world, elementary education is the foundation on which human capital is developed.

We secure financial and material resources for the Education Fund and efficiently and effectively deploy those resources in support of educational projects and/or programmes for the realisation of improved access, equity and quality of education.

Having supported children individually in both Tanzania and Kenya for many years, the founder of the organisation, Janika Vaikjärv, came up with the idea of giving the foundation a more international name and making education accessible to more children in Tanzania and elsewhere. The name Impatiens Kilimanjari comes from a flower that only grows at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. As our main focus is on Tanzanian schoolchildren and giving them access to education, this flower is the best symbol for our activities and aid work.