Tanzanian textbook project


There are hundreds of schools in Tanzania where the students have to study from a single textbook that belongs to the teacher. Schools do not have the means to buy textbooks that children can use in class. As such, we can only hope that the students remember the things the teacher reads out or writes on the blackboard.

When Dreamers & Doers was being compiled we raised $7000 to buy textbooks for Mararoni Primary School. There were 687 students aged 5-12 at the school at the time (March 2013) and just eight teachers. Before we supported them, the school only had a hundred books. The teachers alone had textbooks, which they read out in class. As a result of our donations, each student has a personal textbook in every lesson.

The textbook project in Tanzania is ongoing – and still has a long way to go. There are hundreds of schools on the waiting list for textbooks. Dreamers & Doers, however, is yet to achieve its objective and find its readership. This means that we can only buy textbooks for schools with the money raised from the direct donations of contributors and sponsors.