I. You. I — a book and film for Estonian students


The NPO Impatiens Kilimanjari is registered in Estonia. The foundation was initially called ‘Simple Solutions’ (Lihtsad Lahendused in Estonian) and its first charity project was aimed at Estonian students.

We compiled a book and made a film that were both named ‘I. You. I’ as our first project in 2004. We were able to publish the book with the support of donors, sponsors and two Estonian ministries: the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The project cost 1.3 million Estonian kroons (equivalent to 83,000 euros). The book and film form additional study materials for teachers and for students aged 13-18. They feature children and adults who talk about love, their sexuality, violence and their relationships with both their peers and parents. The print run of the book was 13,000 copies, which were distributed to all of the schools in Estonia. We released the film on DVD (1000 copies) and gave copies to all of the schools in Estonia as well. The film was shown at the Black Nights Film Festival as part of the children's and youth films programme in 2006. Popular Estonian actors Jaan Tätte and Anu Lamp were the patrons of the project.

This was followed by a teacher training project on how to use the book and film in schools. The training was organised in all 15 Estonian counties in 2006. The project was carried out by volunteers.

The book is currently available to everyone in Estonian school libraries.