Make a personal donation!

Work as a volunteer

If you think your skills will help us do good or turn our ideas into reality, don’t hesitate to contact us. International communication, marketing, work on our website and making new contacts are all things we need. Every good deed has a butterfly effect — small, kind words can lead to big achievements.

Give someone your personal support

If you wish to help a specific Maasai girl or Tanzanian child who would not be able to gain an education without your support, we can help you find that child. You can give them direct financial support for their education or help them in other ways. However, we should emphasise that after you have decided to help the child you cannot stop halfway through or say you don't feel like doing it anymore. Each child has their own story. Get to know that story carefully beforehand and weigh up your options. Good will is a great thing to start with, but the journey can sometimes be long and ardous.

Buy a gift

Handicrafts made by Maasai girls make beautiful gifts for yourself, your friends and your family. If you buy the craft items made by the Emusoi schoolgirls as a gift, you will help them obtain their education and cover their living costs.